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Mind Fitness


Help students to improve their innovative skills, increase concentration and hands on skills.


Body fitness


Increase students' strength and muscles coordination. Students are free to move or play sports during classes.


Increase self-confidence, ability to work in a team and develop their social behaviors

Entertainment Fitness  
Enhancing students’ creativity and discovering their inner skills while enjoying Ideas Gym classes

4 Dimensions   


Ideas Gym is a new Educational concept (Age 2-18) worldwide cares about the fitness of the human 4 dimensions:

Samples of the Technical Topics

- Computing
- Space
- Astronomy
- Electronics
- Aeronautics
- Astronautics
- Robotics
- Applied Math
- Science labs
- Environmental
- Chemistry
- Photography
- Film making
- Marine Engineering
- Construction Engineering
- Green Technology
​- Astrophysics

You will enjoy Ideas Gym hands-on activities, Project-Design based education and  practical experience in the STEMA Fields  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Arts) while playing sports and being dynamic, having fun, work in teams, gain life and career skills, using advanced technology and enjoying interactive  activities with your peers. Students, Parents and Educators can Enjoy Ideas Gym Concept in our Ideas Gym Center or within Nurseries, Schools, organizations or during one of our events and Camps.

Ideas Gym Concept Published as a new concept worldwide in linking Sports to Education in two international conferences:

1- Global Educational Forum

​2- World Robotics Olympiad Symposium