Help the children to improve their innovation skills, increase focusing skills and increase their hands on skills.

Enhancing your child’s creativity and discovering his/her inner skills while enjoying Ideas Gym classes.

Suggested Program:

Age 2-7 years

(Preschoolers and Kindergarten)

Play, Learn and interact; that’s all your child needs in this stage of life. In Ideas Gym,  our edutainment program for young kids is designed to help them channel all the energy and reach development milestones. Children in this age category learn best in a structured environment where science activities are combined with social and energetic ones. Our target for the children is to bring out all their energy on learning science while playing and to have creative thoughts of their own based on the activities they are doing.

Ideas Gym presents all the classes for all age categories based on four dimensional fitness that together could develop children’s skills.

Increase your child strength and muscles coordination. The children are free to move or play sports during classes.

Increase self-confidence, ability to work in a team and develop their social behaviors.