How to Apply for Science on Stage Egypt

  • Primary and secondary school teachers from all across  Egypt are invited to apply with their ideas!
  • ​Applications should be made by individual STEM teachers.
  • ​The teachers must be classroom based, at a school or other formal educational institution within Egypt.
  • ​​All applicants must only enter a project they have personally been involved in.
  • Fill in the online Application

​​Projects Themes

​All projects presented at the festival represent inquiry-based learning approaches. Please allocate your project to  one of the guiding themes:

  • Science for the Youngest

Projects for pre-school and primary school children.

  • Science and our Environment

Projects which use science to explore environmental, health and sustainability issues.

  • ICT in Science Education

Projects which use information and communication technologies in the classroom.

  • Inclusive Science

Projects which address socio-economic, gender and cultural inequalities.

  • Cooperation for Science Teaching

Projects developed in cooperation with schools, the industry or universities.

  • Low-cost Science

Projects which are simple and can be adapted by everyone.

Projects Setup

All primary to secondary school teachers present their projects and experiments at stands in an exhibition, called fair. It is the main element of the festival. Other projects, selected by the programme committee of the festival, will be additionally presented in the categories 'Workshop' and 'On Stage Performance'.


All participants present their projects and experiments at a table in an exhibition. The fair is the main element of the festival.

Workshops (50 minutes)

Interactive hands-on sessions from teachers for teachers to work together to learn and practice new skills, develop activities or create resources.

On Stage Performances (30 minutes)

Participants hold plenary presentations, performances 
or experimental lectures on a stage.


The ideal Science on Stage project

  • promotes students interest in science,
  • refers to everyday life,
  • has a sustainable effect,
  • is feasible in everyday school life and can be financed with reasonable expenses,
  • promotes inquiry-based learning.

​Teachers who present additionally their projects in a workshop or on stage performance are selected by the festival jury, which consists of science teachers, educators or representatives from ministries or universities. All board members of Science on Stage are also involved.

The  jury will select at the festival the best projects awarded with the Egypt Science Teacher Award. In this selection process the recommendations for best projects of the Nationals Steering Committees are taken into account. Top 3 Winners will represent Egypt in the European Science on Stage in Hungary 2017.

National and International Festivals 

  • ​Science on Stage Egypt, April 2017, @ Nile University (Schools who like to host one of our Events, please contact us

  • European Science on Stage Festival, Hungary, 29 June to 2 July 2017. 

Every year Ideasgym organizes the Science on Stage Egypt Festival. Teachers from Egypt present and exchange their ideas, projects and methods at 

  • Stands, 
  • in workshops 
  • and on stage; these ideas

​Afterwards spread throughout Egypt via follow-up activities. 

The Egyptian Finals will be on April in Nile University During the National Science and Engineering Fair.

Top 3 Winners will represent Egypt in the European Science on Stage Festival, in Hungary, 2017.

European Science on Stage festival 2017

​Under the motto 'Inventing the Future of Science Education' the next Science on Stage festival, the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers, will take place from 29 June – 2 July 2017 in the Kölcsey Convention Centre in Debrecen, Hungary. At the festival around 450 primary teachers and STEM teachers will come together to exchange innovative teaching concepts. They present their most innovative ideas from teachers for teachers in a fair, in workshops, and performances.

Application will open soon