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Deadline is 1 July, 11 PM. 

The National Egyptian Team in 2016 in the WRO International Finals in India.

The 7th Egyptian Finals 2017

The National Competition in Egypt will be through Phases:

  1. Cities Finals
  2. National Finals

Will take place during September 2017. 

The National team including Top Winners will represent Egypt in The international Finals that will be in Costa Rica , from 10-12 November 

World Robot Olympiad has four competition categories:

1. Regular Category
2. Open Category
3. WRO Football
4. Advanced Robotics Challenge

A team may only participate in one category each year.

Age Group Definition

1. Elementary: Participants up to 12 years old in the year of competition.
2. Junior: Participants 13 - 15 years old in the year of competition
3. Senior: Participants 16 – 19 years old in the year of competition
4. WRO Football: Participants 10 – 19 years old in the year of competition
5. Advanced Robotics Challenge: Participants 17 – 25 years old in the year of the competition

• It is strictly enforced that students cannot be older than specified in the Age

• Students younger than the age group definition are not allowed.

To Apply and Register in this year competition Please go to the registration form:

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Note: Robotchallenge including SUMO and other competition will take place during February and registration did not start yet, please check this page 

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO)  is a global robotics competition for students between the ages of seven (7) and twenty one (21). It brings people together from all over the world to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills through challenging and educational robot competition.

The aim of the Egyptian finals is to qualify Egyptian students to the International finals .